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Doctor holding x-rays of cervical spine with chiropractic office in background


Claim the Grostic Procedure as “Your Technique” by attending the upcoming 36-hour certification seminar series.  You can learn without “down time” in your practice because these seminars are conducted over a 3 month period for 1 weekend each month.  Each module is a highly interactive format which will enable you to practice and refine your skills as you learn. 

Module 1: You will learn the history of the Grostic Procedure, explore biomechanics of the craniocervical junction (CCJ), identify specific equipment used for the Grostic Procedure, discuss how to properly set up the x-ray room and align the equipment, determine the presence of a misalignment through the supine leg check and instrumentation during the assessment of a patient, and how to employ proper procedures in x-ray examination to mitigate common errors.

Module 2: You will learn how to analyze and interpret cervical x-rays of the nasium, vertex, and lateral views using the Grostic Procedure to determine spinal misalignments utilized in the correction of spinal subluxations of the axial skeleton.  You will learn how to properly draw lines on the x-rays and correctly interpret these lines in calculating the correction factors to make the appropriate spinal adjustment.  You will learn and practice how to properly place the patient on the table and assume the appropriate doctor’s stance for delivery of the hand adjustment to correct the spinal misalignment.

Module 3: Now you will “put it all together” as you learn and practice the proper protocol for a successful adjustment including patient assessment and examination, x-ray analysis, and precise delivery of the hand adjustment for the specific vector using the Grostic Procedure, and post-adjustment evaluation and assessment.  You will learn how to care for special populations of patients including pediatrics and geriatrics in the development of a patient care and management plan.

Upcoming Module Dates :

Module 1

July 27, 2024

Location: Fairfield Inn & Suites 1820 Checkered Flag Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Module 2

August 24-25, 2024

Location: Focus Forward Chiropractic: 900 N. Swallowtail Dr. STE104D Port Orange, FL 32129

Module 3

October 5-6, 2024

Location: Focus Forward Chiropractic: 900 N. Swallowtail Dr. STE104D Port Orange, FL 32129
  • Module 1 (registered by June 27) $125
  • Module 1 (registered after June 27) $150
  • Module 2 (registered by July 24) $347
  • Module 2 (registered after July 24) $399
  • Module 3 (registered by September 5) $347
  • Module 3 (registered after September 5) $399
  • Prepay for all 3 by July 27 $547
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